NMIXX and CRAVITY to appear on "Weekly Idol"

According to a media report on September 11, group NMIXX and CRAVITY will appear as guests on MBC M, MBC every1's variety show "Weekly Idol". The filming will take place on September 12.

NMIXX is a 7-member girl group from JYP Entertainment that debuted in February. Upon their debut, NMIXX appeared on "Weekly Idol" and showed off their talents. Their second single "ENTWURF" will be released on September 19.

CRAVITY also decided to appear on "Weekly Idol" before releasing the fourth mini album "NEW WAVE" on September 27. After their debut in April 2020, they have appeared on "Weekly Idol" several times to communicate with fans.

The episode for NMIXX and CRAVITY will be broadcast respectively at the end of this month.