Jung Jae-hyung, Lee Juck, Nucksal, Lee Mi-joo, and Ahn Ah-reum to host new dating show "Office Romance"

Pianist Jung Jae-hyung, singer Lee Juck, Nucksal, Lee Mi-joo, and model Ahn Ah-reum will host Coupang Play's variety show "Office Romance."

Coupang Play unveiled a lineup of five MCs and a poster on October 18. "Office Romance" is a dating reality for 12 men and women in a virtual fashion company where love is paid.

Jung Jae-hyung said, "I don't know how long I was excited after watching the first and second episodes. I'm sure the viewers will be able to feel the same excitement and fun as us."

Kim Han-kyu PD said, "5 MCs' eloquent talk is also a point to watch. It is enough to be called the 'Avengers' in the dating shows."

"Office Romance" will be released on Coupang Play at 8 pm on November 4 KST.