Kang Hye-won featured in the November issue of Singles Korea

Lifestyle magazine Singles Korea released some photos from a visual photo shoot with actress Kang Hye-won, who returned with Wavve's drama "Seasons of Blossom" based on the webtoon.

Regarding this drama, Kang Hye-won said that she really wanted to try the role, "Since I played the role of a college student in my previous work, I had a wish to play a high school student. So I enjoyed the filming. It's difficult to fully understand the character. But the role Bomi looks like me when she meets a friend named Jinyoung and changes honestly to herself."

Kang Hye-won said she is focusing on two other things besides acting. One of them is drawing. She said, "If you look at the result after drawing it for a long time, you will feel thrilled and proud." In addition, she said, "On my day off, I go for a walk with my dog to the park."

As for the last thing she wants to do this year, Kang Hye-won picked two things. One is traveling. "There are many countries I want to visit, but Switzerland is the top priority among them. I think I'll be at peace if I'm immersed in a fairy tale-like natural scenery." Moreover, she wants another new genre in acting. "If I pick one role I want to play now, I would like to challenge a historical drama that can show a different charm."

Kang Hye-won's photos, which show both freshness and beauty, can be found in the November issue of Singles Korea and on its website.