Bada, Boom, Aiki, and Pengsoo to be the MCs of "Girls RE:VERSE"

Kakao Entertainment selected singer Bada, television host Boom, dancer Aiki, and penguin character Pengsoo as MCs for "Girls Reverse (RE:VERSE)."

The four MCs plan to enter the virtual world "W" and play the role of "Watchers," the judges and helpers, to further double the fun of the content by giving off various chemistry with the virtual character girls.

"Girls RE:VERSE" is a survival variety show where 30 members of the real world K-pop girl group compete for an opportunity to debut as a virtual idol. Participants compete to join the five-member group by showing their talents and charms as stars as well as dancing and singing skills through new virtual characters while hiding their identities in the real world.

MCs also appear as virtual characters in the virtual world "W" and actively communicate with the virtual characters of participants.

"Girls RE:VERSE" will be released for the first time on KakaoPage and YouTube on November 28.