Choi Soo-young featured in the December issue of Elle Korea

Girls' Generation member and actress Choi Soo-young had a photo shoot with fashion magazine Elle Korea. The photos released on November 21 shows Sooyoung's clean and cool look, which is soft but strong.

In an interview with the photo shoot, Sooyoung expressed her feelings about ending the year with the drama "Fanletter, Please," which was aired for the first time on the November 18.

Choi Soo-young said, "This year, there were many opportunities to communicate with fans, including Girls' Generation activities. Now I'm presenting a work related to fans, I feel like I'm doing the last piece of the puzzle."

"In the drama, the role was the most familiar character. There were many points where I could deeply understand what I was thinking, what kind of expression, and how I would feel. I tried to integrate into the human parts of me."

After completing the 15th anniversary of Girls' Generation this year, she said, "I was excited that our sincerity is connected and I felt joy after a long time. Even on the stage of 'FOREVER 1,' I had the feeling of 'We're always standing here.' When I see the comment, 'It seems like you have not changed and you are still here,' it's touching because it seems like you're recognizing our hearts."

When asked about the plans for this winter, she said, "It is a grateful season just to be able to do what you like and eat what you want. Especially when I saw the girls who considered 'Into the new world' as a cheering song, I began to think that I should become an adult whom can be leaned on."

The photos and interviews of Choi Soo-young are available in the December issue of Elle Korea and on its website.