"Comedian Daughter-in-law" postpones the press conference and the premiere

"Comedian Daughter-in-law" postponed the production press conference and the premiere in mourning for the stampede accident.

Tcast E Channel's new variety show "Comedian Daughter-in-law" said on November 1, "We postponed the first broadcast schedule for a week to 8:50 pm on November 17."

"Comedian Daughter-in-law" previously confirmed the first broadcast date on November 10, but decided to postpone it due to the atmosphere of national mourning.

In addition, the production presentation for "Comedian Daughter-in-law," which was scheduled for November 10, will be postponed for a week until the 17th. Prior to this, the teaser release and all program-related promotional schedules scheduled for this week were also canceled.

Park So-hyun PD said, "All the cast members, including MC Moon Se-yoon, Lee Yu-ri, and Yang Se-chan, could not hide their mood. In expression of condolences to the victims, the schedule was canceled altogether and the premiere was postponed. We express our condolences to the sudden sad news and wish the wounded a speedy recovery."

"Comedian Daughter-in-law" is a program that observes the special daily lives of famous comedian daughters-in-law and their relationship with their mother-in-law.