Dance show "Group Dance" to premiere on November 30

JTBC has launched a mega global project "Group Dance." It is a reality variety show in which representative dancers of Korea gather to organize 100 global group dancers who will shake the world with a group dance.

In "Group Dance," dancers, including Lip J, Aiki, Ri.hey, and Harimu, will appear. Comedians Kim Yong-myung and Lee Eun-ji will be the MCs.

Through three large-scale group dances in Korea, only 100 applicants can become "100 dancers" and get a global ticket to their first destination, Las Vegas.

The production team said, "'Group Dance' is a prequel season for global projects and will be presented in a total of three parts. You'll be able to see the scale that you've never seen before and the passion of Korean dancers, so please look forward to it."

"Group Dance" will premiere at 8:50 pm on November 30 KST.