"Encyclopedia of Useless Human Facts" to premiere on December 2

On November 7, tvN released a poster for "Encyclopedia of Useless Human Facts" on its official SNS.

According to tvN, "Encyclopedia of Useless Human Facts" will premiere at 8:50 pm on December 2 KST. Every Friday night, it will come to the audience with a package of colorful and interesting stories about humans.

"Encyclopedia of Useless Human Facts" is a follow-up show to tvN's "Encyclopedia of Usless Facts" and "Encyclopedia of Useful Crime Facts." Yang Jung-woo PD, who has participated as a director since season 1, became the main director of "Encyclopedia of Useless Human Facts."

Film director Jang Hang-jun and BTS member RM (Kim Nam-joon) were selected as the MCs. They will take a trip which explores all humans in the world from various perspectives, with novelist Kim Young-ha, physicist Kim Sang-wook, forensic scientist Lee Ho, and astronomer Shim Chae-kyung.