IVE Leeseo featured on December issue of Dazed Korea

The fashion magazine Dazed Korea released IVE Leeseo's pictorial and interview on November 24.

In the interview Leeseo said, "There was a housekeeping play set that I really wanted to have when I was young. I still remember it because I got it as a gift from my parents on Christmas. This year, I want to receive a handwritten letter with sincerity. I always write a letter when I give a gift to someone. I like the letter because it can be kept for a long time. Next year, I want to show a more mature and development side than now. I also want to do a face-to-face concert with the fans."

More photos and interviews with Leeseo's lovely charm can be found in the December issue of Dazed Korea, the official website, and SNS channels.