Jang Gyu-ri featured in the December issue of Singles Korea

The magazine Singles Korea released a pictorial of Jang Gyu-ri, who plays Tae Cho-hee in SBS's drama "Cheer Up," which tells a story based on the university cheering squad and the cheering culture.

When asked if it would feel different to finish filming since she started her career as an actress, Jang Gyu-ri said, "It'll be bittersweet if it feels like it's over, but I can't even realize that the filming is over yet. Cho-hee has a lot of similarities with me. So maybe I acted most comfortably."

About her next work, Jang Gyu-ri said, "I want to play a completely different role. I want to be an actress with a wide spectrum. There is still a long way to go for that."

The drama "Cheer Up" starring Jang Gyu-ri is being aired on SBS, and the pictorial are available in the December issue of Singles Korea and on the website.