Jinyoung, Hong Seok-cheon, Lee Eun-ji, and Chuu to host new dating show "Love Alarm"

According to Wavve on November 23, its original variety show "Love Alarm" confirmed the 4MC lineup, including Jinyoung, Hong Seok-cheon, Lee Eun-ji, and LOONA's Chuu.

"Love Alarm" is a dating show from the webtoon of the same name serialized by Chon Kye-young, and sets a fantasy love game of 4 men and 4 women who have installed the "Love Alarm" app, which displays a "heart" when a person who likes him or her comes in within a 10-meter radius. It's directed by Kakao Entertainment's CP Kim Min-jong.

The 4MCs will watch the pink survival romance game of 8 cast members and capture the moments of excitement.

"Love Alarm" will be released for the first time on Wavve on December 9.