Jung Chae-yeon featured in the December issue of Esquire Korea

Actress Jung Chae-yeon, who played the role of Na Joo-hee in the MBC drama "The Golden Spoon," released a pictorial.

In an interview that followed after the photo shoot, Jung Chae-yeon talked about her recent status after the end of "The Golden Spoon." She said, "I was immersed in 'The Golden Spoon' all this year, so I didn't think it was over, and I needed time to organize my mind."

Earlier, Jung Chae-yeon was injured and underwent surgery while filming "The Golden Spoon." Jung Chae-yeon said, "It's much better than the first time. It's the first time I've had such a big surgery, so I think it's a new experience."

When asked if there was any pressure on Jung Chae-yeon, who has mainly played characters with "excellent beauty," she laughed and said, "There were times when I thought 'Is this ok?' It was expressed well thanks to the people around me who did a great job."

Jung Chae-yeon's pictorial and interview can be found in the December issue of Esquire Korea.