Jung Jong-yeon PD joins hands with Netflix to produce new show "Devil's Plan"

Netflix will collaborate with Jung Jong-yeon PD of "The Genius" and "Great Escape" series to produce a brain survival game variety show "Devil's Plan."

"Devil's Plan" is a brain survival game show that determines the best brains to win up to 500 million won in prize money.

Jung Jong-yeon PD opened a new horizon for mystery show through "The Genius," and had a thick fandom with a fresh setting and an ever-expanding worldview from "Great Escape" to "Girls High School Mystery Class."

"Devil's Plan" is the first variety show produced by Jung Jong-yeon PD after moving to TEO, founded by Kim Tae-ho PD from "Infinite Challenge." Jung Jong-yeon PD said, "Since it's my first project with Netflix, I have high expectations and I am excited. I think it'll be a fun program."

Celebrities, influencer, and the ordinary people through open recruitment will also participate in "Devil's Plan." If people want to participate in the program, which starts with the devil's proposal with a prize of up to 500 million won, they can apply through Netflix's official SNS and the teaser web page for the recruitment of "Devil's Plan."