Kim Jong-hyeon featured on the December issue of Singles Korea

On November 24, the magazine Singles Korea released a pictorial of singer Kim Jong-hyeon, former NU'EST leader JR. In the released photos, Kim Jong-hyeon showed off his charisma with his relaxed and soft eyes.

Kim Jong-hyeon became a solo singer 10 years after his debut. He said, "I think there are days like today thanks to those 10 years. I thought there would be many fans who liked and wanted to see Kim Jong-hyeon singing, rapping, and dancing on stage. So I wanted to show my best self when I started my solo career."

"I was very nervous right before the release. I practiced so much like I couldn't compare myself to before. Now It's time to enjoy."

Kim Jong-hyeon participated in composing and writing the lyrics in his first solo album. Referring to the two songs he participated in, "décalcomanie" and "to.( )," he said, "I wrote its with a desire to be more honest with not only me but also my fans."

"To summarize this album in one sentence, it's 'Thank you, I'll show you now.' A fan commented, 'I became a fan because I liked Kim Jong-hyeon on stage, but I actually thought I wouldn't see that in the future. It's so nice to see you like this.' It was a moment when I was touched, thankful, and had various emotions."