Kim Rae-won and Park Byung-eun participate in the "bomb and name tag ripping" race of "Running Man"

The new episode of SBS's variety show "Running Man," which will be aired on November 20, will feature an upgraded "bomb X name tag ripping" race.

In the recent recording, it was conducted with a running man signature mission that combines "mystery race" and "ripping the Name tag." The cast have to disarm their bombs to avoid bomb designers. When the actual bombs appeared, the members said, "It's real dynamite!" and "Does it explode right away? Do we have to do this?" When the bomb exploded, the scene quickly became tense.

As it was actors Kim Rae-Won and Park Byung-eun's first appearance in "Running Man," Kim Rae-won began to explore the entire place as soon as the race began, and then showed a "somersault technique" that blows his whole body to catche the name tag after aiming for the members' gap.

Kim Rae-won became a name tag hunter who stirred everywhere. The members said, "I think his eyes are changing" and "I was beaten by Kim Rae-won." In addition, Kim Rae-won provoked Kim Jong-kook, and the two continued a fierce hand-to-hand fight, causing another tension.

On the other hand, Park Byung-eun showed a scared look, saying, "I'm surprised when I see people, I'm not guilty of anything…" and failed to hide his weak side. He became the game's weakest player, making the scene burst into laughter.

Then Park Byung-eun has faced "ace" Song Ji-hyo 1:1 and has been helpless, saying, "I'm scared of Song Ji-hyo's eyes," but he shook the race with his tough survival skills that lasted until the end.

The results of this race can be seen on "Running Man," which will be air at 5 pm on November 20.