Ko Sung-hee holds a wedding ceremony on November 20

Actress Ko Sung-hee married her non-celebrity husband somewhere in Seoul on November 20. The ceremony was held behind closed doors in consideration of the non-celebrity husband.

Ko Sung-hee announced her marriage through her agency MSTEAM Entertainment on October 17 and said, "She will be active even after marriage."

Ko Sung-hee's wedding was attended by volleyball player Kim Yeon-koung, who is known as a close friend of Ko Sung-hee, and Song Da-in, a former member of the group Wassup.

Song Da-in posted a photo with an article saying, "Ko Sung-hee, the most beautiful and brave bride in the world, who spent the 20s together. Congratulations, be happy."

After debuting in the film "An Ethics Lesson" in 2013, Ko Sung-hee appeared in the dramas "Suits," "Mother," "While You Were Sleeping," and movies "A Year-end medley" and "Trade Your Love."