LE SSERAFIM's Huh Yun-jin poses for solo pictorial with Cosmopolitan Korea

The pictorial and interview with LE SSERAFIM's Huh Yun-jin and Cosmopolitan Korea were released.

In the interview Huh Yun-jin said, "I'm becoming a fearless person while promoting 'FEARLESS', and a person who is strong in crisis while promoting 'ANTIFRAGILE.' I'm greedy, I want to grow, and move on without complacency."

"I look strong, but I find it hard to show myself in front of others. The only time I become transparent is when I write lyrics and work on music. However, when you sing a song to someone with a weak side, you become stronger. Music makes me 'ANTIFRAGILE.' I want to try not only writing and composing but also producing songs in the future."

At the end of the interview, Huh Yun-jin expressed his ambition, saying, "I want to go farther than I can imagine now. It's a year that changed my life 180 degrees. I was a wonderful 21-year-old, and I'm looking forward to my 20s, which will be filled with LE SSERAFIM."