Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Tae-ho PD have finished filming a new show "Canada Check-in"

Lee Hyo-ri (Lee Hyo-lee) and Kim Tae-ho PD left for Canada this time.

On November 9, Kim Tae-ho PD and Jung Jong-yeon PD started a live broadcast on the YouTube channel "TEO" under the title "Ask me anything from Blue Marble to Devil's Plan."

Kim Tae-ho PD said, "Lee Hyo-ri had a situation to go to Canada for vacation for about a month during her break. She asked me to leave it as a video, so we went with her. I'm going to call it 'Canada Check-in' (as the title of new content)."

"Lee Hyo-ri volunteered at the abandoned dogs protection center and sent the adoption abroad to raise abandoned dogs in a good environment. She went far away to Canada to see the dogs in a camping car. It'll be aired on a platform soon."

In addition, he said, "Lee Hyo-ri's 'Seoul Check-in' will be broadcast as a TV program from next week. The contents will be shortened to about 10 episodes."