Lee Hyo-ri's "Seoul Check-in" to air on tvN

Kim Tae-ho (Teo) recently posted a video on his account with a message, "Hyo-ri is in Seoul!"

In the video, Lee Hyo-ri started by shouting, "Oh it's Seoul. I'm looking forward to it!" In addition, the video gave a preview of Lee Hyo-ri's daily lives, including a photo shoot, a natural drinking party, and a visit to Namsan. In the end, the first episode was announced to be release on November 7.

Kim Tae-ho said, "Lee Hyo-ri's soul-full seoul story 'Seoul Check-in' will be checked in again on tvN every week from Monday, November 7."

Meanwhile, TVING's "Seoul Check-in" drew attention as the first show since PD Kim Tae-ho's resignation from MBC this spring and Lee Hyo-ri's comeback to a variety show.