NO:ZE featured in the magazine YOURVIBES to celebrate its first anniversary

Dancer NO:ZE had a photo shoot with MZ magazine YOURVIBES to commemorate the first anniversary of its foundation.

When asked how she was doing, No:ze replied, "These days, I'm just thinking and doing things that I can't easily challenge. I went hiking to Inwangsan mountain and am preparing for a driver's license test that I haven't gotten yet."

No:ze, who recently started Pilates, said, "It was not easy to adapt because it was different from dancing muscles. There was a time when the class was interrupted because my legs were shaking so much that it was both shameful and funny."

No:ze also said she's into the group NewJeans, "The natural beauty that seems to be dressed up but not dressed up looks so pretty. I often listen to 'Hype Boy' while looking out the window on a fine day."

About how to relieve stress, she said, "I fell in love with the console game of moving things called 'Unpacking.' I was able to put aside other thoughts for a while while focusing extremely."

Finally, No:ze expressed her wish to become a cool and determined person with a more mature side about what she will be like in a year.