Park Eun-hye to be the MC of "How Is Your Marriage?"

On November 21, the production team announced, "Actress Park Eun-hye has been selected as the MC to lead SBS Plus's new show 'How Is Your Marriage?' with abundant empathy and sincere comments."

"How Is Your Marriage?" is scheduled to air in December. It is a reality program to check marital relationships that asks "How is your marriage now?" as the title suggests.

"Single Mom" Park Eun-hye, who raises two children, said, "After I broke up, people around me talked to me about divorce. I persuaded a lot not to break up, and after that they got along well. So I thought about making a divorce counseling YouTube channel. I'm so happy that the program that I wanted to do was made."

In addition to Park Eun-hye, marital relations experts will be in charge of consulting to check the problems of couples on the verge of divorce.