Park Hana featured in the December issue of @star1

The magazine @star1 released some photos from a photo shoot with actress Park Hana in its December issue.

Park Hana is currently playing a role in the KBS 2TV's drama "Vengeance of the Bride." In the interview she said, "I want to show a better side, so I'm chasing the director and bothering him a lot. This job is really interesting. I want to act for the rest of my life. One time, Ji Hyun-woo oppa from 'Young Lady and Gentleman' said, 'I think you'll work for a long time.' So I said, 'I am going to die at the tv station while acting.'"

When asked if she had ever been tired of running nonstop in her 10th year as an actress, Park Hana said, "I had a slump until last year. I have played many similar genres and characters, so I got tired of my acting. 'Why do I act the same every time?' I blamed myself a lot."

The work that broke Park Hana's slump was KBS 2TV's hit drama "Young Lady and Gentleman," which set a record of nearly 40% viewership. Park Hana said, "I overcame it by meeting a good work. I'm very grateful for the work that helped me break my limitations. The language of comments on SNS has become very diverse. It's amazing that there are more overseas fans. I'm reading all the comments while using the translator."