Park Soo-hong to hold a wedding ceremony on December 23

TV personality Park Soo-hong (age 52) will marry his wife Kim, who is 23 years younger than him.

On November 24, MBN's variety show "Dongchimi" said, "Park Soo-hong will participate in the recording of Dongchimi with his wife a day before the wedding ceremony."

Park Soo-hong is scheduled to have a wedding ceremony on December 23, and decided to appear with his wife in "Dongchimi" a day before the wedding. It is expected to be a meeting between Park Soo-hong, his wife, and the cast and production crew that he has known for a long time.

Park Soo-hong registered his marriage with his wife in July last year and legally became a couple. However, the wedding ceremony has been postponed due to financial conflicts between Park Soo-hong, the CEO of the agency and his brother, and Lee, his brother's wife.

Park Soo-hong recently announced in a show that he wanted to hold a wedding ceremony for his wife, so he decided to hold it in December.

Park Soo-hong will also appear on KBS 2TV's program "Stars' Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant" with his wife. Recently Park Soo-hong and his wife filmed in Jeju Island.