Rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY to debut in November

New girl group FIFTY FIFTY recently announced the official debut in November by releasing the team's official logo image through the group's official SNS account.

FIFTY FIFTY is a four-member rookie girl group produced by ATTRAKT, a content-specialized creative group.

The team name means "50 vs 50," which is a probabilistic half-and-half meaning, and also contains the meanings of "ideal" and "reality" respectively. In addition, if the group is "50," there is a message that fans hope to join together as "50" and become a complete sum of "100."

The agency said, "It is a team with solid skills that do not feel like a rookie group who just debuted, eye-catching visuals, and the potential to grow into a next-generation K-pop group. Each member also has a different personality and charm. Please look forward to and pay attention to the future of FIFTY FIFTY."