Wavve's new dating show "Love Alarm" to be released on December 9

Wavve's original variety show "Love Alarm," which will be launched on December 9, is a live-action dating show from the same name webtoon serialized by Chon Kye-young on Kakao Webtoon.

It contains a fantasy love game of "Heart Competition" between 4 men and 4 women who have installed the "Love Alarm" app. The app displays a "heart" when a person who likes him or her comes in within a 10-meter radius.

In addition, the production team released an official poster showing men and women standing around the pink heart of the "Love Alarm" app.

Director Kim Min-jong CP of Kakao Entertainment said, "Not only is the 'Love Alarm' app in the webtoon actually implemented, but it will also continue to have a tense twist until the end. You can see a romance reality show where excitement and tension intersect, the delicate emotional changes of participants in search of love, and resourcefulness and psychological warfare for 'Heart Competition.' Please look forward to the birth of a different level of dating variety show."