MBC to produce "Adventure by Accident" season 2

On January 17, MBC's variety show "Adventure by Accident (Around the world)" said, "Thanks to the enthusiastic attention and favorable reviews from the viewers, season 2 was confirmed in advance."

"Adventure by Accident" is a travel program in which Kian84 left for South America recklessly and met Lee Si-eon and YouTuber Pani Bottle on the other side of the globe.

With a distinct difference from other travel programs, it is receiving support from viewers by introducing a new style of hyperrealistic travel variety show, and is praised as "rediscovery of Kian84."

Last week it broke its own highest ratings with a maximum rating of 8.1 percent, ranking first in the same time slot for three consecutive weeks in the 2049 viewership.

PD Kim Ji-woo said, "I sincerely thank the viewers who watched Adventure by Accident. Thanks to the support from viewers, we're preparing for season 2." According to the production team, travel destinations and cast members of season 2 are still under discussion.

The last episode of "Adventure by Accident" will air on January 22.