Aiki, Lee Soo-hyuk join MC lineup of "Cohabitation Not Marriage"

Dancer Aiki and actor Lee Soo-hyuk will join Channel A's "Cohabitation Not Marriage" as MCs.

On January 6, the production team said, "Aiki, an icon of the MZ generation ahead of the trend, and Lee Soo-hyuk, who is a 'cold handsome man' but full of unexpected charm, joined the MC lineup of 'Cohabitation Not Marriage.'"

As a result, Han Hye-jin, Lee Yong-jin, Aiki, and Lee Soo-hyuk will be 4 MCs of this new show.

In "Cohabitation Not Marriage," which will be aired for the first time during the Lunar New Year holiday, real couples' observation of living together, which is deeper than dating and more thrilling than marriage, will be revealed.