Antenna announces new web variety show "Bambam Social Club"

Entertainment studio Antenna Plus will introduce new game variety contents through YouTube channel "DdeunDdeun."

Antenna Plus said on January 21, "We will release the first episode of 'Bambam Social Club' at 10 pm on February 10 KST on YouTube channel 'DdeunDdeun.'"

"Bambam Social Club" is a social gathering created to revive drinking games that were forgotten in the COVID-19 era, and is a content where the cast enjoy drinking and games.

"Bambam Social Club" features a total of six cast members. Only the first member Joo Woo-jae has been revealed.

Meanwhile, the first work in Antenna Plus' YouTube channel "DdeunDdeun" was "Pinggyego." "Pinggyego" is a variety show in which Yoo Jae-seok freely chat with his favorite friends with all kinds of excuses and give them small stories and laughter. Its second episode and fifth episode exceeded 4.86 million and 3.1 million views respectively.