Dating show "Myeongdong Sarang Room" unveils poster with 4MCs

ENA launchs a group blind date program called "Myeongdong Sarang Room."

"Myeongdong Sarang Room" is a project that depicts group blind date for one night and two days between real college students, who are between friendship and love.

In the show, four managers Seo Jang-hoon, Chae Jung-an, Park Ha-seon, and Yang Se-chan, will identify the participants' views of love, ideal types, and personalities and pass on from group blind date strategies to tips.

Scriptwriter Kim Tae-hee, who participated in "Sunday Night," "Infinite Challenge," and "Radio Star," said, "Young people these days say they are the three-give-up generation who gave up dating, marriage, and childbirth. In addition, I heard that university students are not able to experience their school life properly because of COVID-19. I hope that young people will have healthy and fun meetings and experience making memories of their youth. It's the starting point of this show."

PD Yeo Woon-hyuk, who participated in "Golden Fishery," "Knowing Bros," and "Ask Anything," said, "These days, it has become difficult to meet new people due to COVID-19. So we tried to create a place where young people can have fun."

"Myeongdong Sarang Room" will premiere at 8:30 pm on January 27 KST.