Doh Kyung-soo, Zico, Crush, Choi Jung-hun, Lee Yong-jin, Yang Se-chan to appear on PD Choi Bo-pil's new show

PD Choi Bo-pil, who successfully led "Running Man," will produce a new variety show.

According to SBS on January 4, Doh Kyung-soo (D.O.), Zico, Crush, Jannabi Choi Jung-hun, Lee Yong-jin, and Yang Se-chan were confirmed to appear on PD Choi Bo-pil's new work.

Expectations are high on what synergy will be shown by musicians and friends of the same age, and "MZ-loved entertainers."

PD Choi Bo-pil is also drawing attention to what color variety show will be created this time as he is a producer who has brought out a new heyday of "Running Man."

This new variety is scheduled to premiere in March.