Girl group tripleS unveils Japanese member Kotone

A new member of girl group tripleS has been unveiled.

Modhaus released a teaser video of S11 (11st member) Kotone (Kamimoto Kotone) on tripleS's official SNS channel on January 2.

Earlier, Modhouse has predicted that a new "S" will be born in Japan following "S" in Korea. It announced the expansion of tripleS "Cosmos" with the opening of "Tokyo HAUS (house)."

According to the teaser, the story of Kotone's move into the "Tokyo HAUS" will be released on January 5, fans are paying keen attention to various stories in Japan.

Meanwhile, tripleS was active through first dimension(unit) "Acid Angel from Asia" last year.

TripleS is scheduled to meet fans in the first half of this year with a "entire dimension" with 10 "S."