Hanhae renews contract with Brandnew Music

Brandnew Music announced on January 20, "Hanhae renewed the contract as of January 19 and was appointed as a non-registered director of Brandnew Music."

Brandnew Music said, "Since debuting as the main rapper of the three-member group Phantom in 2011, when Brandnew Music was established, Hanhae started his solo career in 2015, and played a big role in Brandnew Music's establishment as Brandnew Music's representative artist. We signed this renewal based on our long-standing trust and affection with Hanhae."

"In addition, Hanhae was appointed as a non-registered director of Brandnew Music at the same time as this renewal. In addition to his activities as an artist, he will continue his career as an executive of the company as a bridge for mental management of artists and smooth communication between the artist and the company.

"We Brandnew Music will provide full support to help Hanhae continue to be active in various fields. Please continue to show your interest and love for Hanhae."