Hwang Min-hyun to join as 1st star master in "BOYS PLANET"

On January 16, Mnet's "BOYS PLANET" announced that singer and actor Hwang Min-hyun will join as the first "Star Master."

"Star Master" is a new host system introduced for the first time in "BOYS PLANET." Usually, one host joins the program from the beginning to the end, but "BOYS PLANET" invites several senior artists in the entertainment industry to give various advice and role models to trainees for each mission.

Hwang Min-hyun was active in boy group Wanna One through Mnet's audition program. He has a strong fandom by playing an all-round role that encompasses singer and actor activities, and is the "all-rounder" that the trainees of "BOYS PLANET" want to become the most.

Hwang Min-hyun said, "I hope that my experience will be helpful because I know how desperate the trainees are. I think All BOYS PLANET trainees are the future of K-pop and deserve to shine."

Mnet's new boy group audition program "BOYS PLANET" will premiere at 8 pm on February 2 KST.