Kyuhyun, Kim Ji-Eun, Lee Su-hyun to be MCs of Netflix "19/20"

Netflix's "19/20" is a youth reality variety show that recorded a special moment of growth of Generation Z, who are still clumsy and fresh, between the last week of 19 and the first week of 20.

Super Junior's Kyuhyun, actress Kim Ji-Eun, AKMU's Lee Su-hyun will be the MCs.

Participants with various dreams and charms will have a special time with their friends of the same age in the last week of their 19th year. Ahead of becoming a 20-year-old adult in the upcoming new year, although a little clumsy, they are preparing to become adults in many ways.

Finally on January 1, the participants stay together in the "Twenty House," a space independent of their parents and teachers, turning over a new page and writing their 20-year-old stories.

"19/20," which started filming Christmas Eve in 2022 and portray a different 2023 by 20-year-olds who celebrate the New Year together, will be released worldwide through Netflix.