Lee Yeon-hee looks innocent in short hair in new Instagram photos

On January 15, actress Lee Yeon-hee posted two pictures with related hashtags on her personal Instagram without any comment.

In the photos, Lee Yeon-hee is pictured in an elegant pose. In particular, her clear features and innocent appearance drew admiration from viewers.

In addition, Lee Yeon-hee also posted a picture on her Instagram and reported her recent situation on January 13.

The photo shows Lee Yeon-hee posing in a red-colored swimsuit on the pool. She smiles brightly with her lively short cut hair and shows off her innocence and lovely charm.

Lee Yeon-hee married a non-celebrity 2 years older than her in 2020 and appeared in Kakao TV's original series "Welcome To Wedding Hell" in 2022.