Netflix launchs new zombie variety show "Zombieverse" with 9 cast members

Netflix launchs a new zombie variety show.

"Zombieverse" is a zombie universe variety show that has to survive by carrying out quests in Seoul, which suddenly turned into a zombie world one day.

"Zombieverse" is produced by Kakao Entertainment, directed by CP Park Jin-kyung, who participated in the production of "My Little Television," "March of the Ants," and "Dunia," and PD Moon Sang-don, who participated in the production of "Welcome, First Time in Korea?" and "Scholar Who Walks the Night."

In addition, the art team in charge of the makeup for "All of Us Are Dead" and the zombie action choreographer from "Kingdom" will participate.

Lee Si-young, Noh Hong-chul, Park Na-rae, DinDin, Billlie's Fukutomi Tsuki, Yoo Hee-Kwan, Jonathan, Patricia and Hong Sung-woo, who confirmed their appearance, must survive by completing the quest given every episode.

CP Park Jin-kyung said, "Through Zombieverse, we collaborated with Netflix for the first time, and the filming is currently finished. It's a project started with the question of 'What will people do if zombies suddenly appear in the real world?' It will be fun to see if the casts thrown without prior information in this situation become heroes, villains, or just citizens through the given quests."