New quiz show "Smart Friends" releases poster and teaser video

tvN's new variety show "Smart Friends (My Friends Are Smarter Than I)" will meet viewers with the concept of the first brain rental quiz show in Korea.

Jun Hyun-moo, Cho Sae-ho, Code Kunst, and Kim Dong-hyun confirmed their appearance. "Smart Friends" is a new concept quiz talk variety show that competes with quiz mates to solve problems. The difference is that the cast do not solve the quiz alone, but rather team up with their smart friends they invited to solve the quiz with collective intelligence.

The poster and teaser video released on January 16 draw attention as they clearly reveal the difference and the concept of "Smart Friends."

In the poster, MC Jun Hyun-moo holds a cube containing various quizzes, including formulas and symbols, along with the phrase "brain rental quiz show."

In the teaser video, Cho Sea-ho, Kim Dong-hyun, Code Kunst, and Car the garden are embarrassed by the quizzes and arithmetic problems presented by the production team, but they each think of their smart friends when the production team say they can rent brains.

"Smart Friends" will premiere at 10:10 pm on January 30 KST.