Posters for new variety "Family World Tour" feature Park Na-rae, Lee Yu-ri, Kyuhyun

KBS 2TV's new variety show "Family World Tour" (Walk into Crazy) released 3MCs Park Na-rae, Lee Yu-ri, and Kyuhyun's uniform posters.

"Family World Tour" is a dramatic travel variety of star families with various stories. From the moment when families go on a trip to the moment they pack their bags to return home, an unpredictable family trip will unfold.

In the posters, Park Na-rae, Lee Yu-ri, and Kyuhyun become captain and flight attendants, and pose in various backgrounds.

"Family World Tour" will air at 9:20 pm every Sunday KST, after two episodes respectively broadcast at 9:20 pm on January 22 and 7:30 pm on January 23 KST.