Red Velvet Wendy featured in February issue of Singles Korea

On January 19, magazine Singles Korea released a visual pictorial of Wendy, a member of Red Velvet and a member of the project unit GOT the beat.

GOT the beat released their first mini album "Stamp On It" on January 16. The keyword "responsibility" stands out in this album, Wendy expressed her ambition for this activity and said, "My fans boost my self-esteem. And the messages full of affection make me strong. I feel like I should be nicer to them. It was a year I determined to work harder whenever the fans say, 'Let's be together for a long time.'"

Wendy said, "Last 2022 was a year of looking back on me and learning a lot. While hosting the radio, I met countless outstanding artists and was motivated to develop further. I hope I will be smarter and more mature in 2023. And I have a great desire to work harder."

Red Velvet Wendy's visual pictorial is available in the February issue of Singles Korea and on its website.