SEVENTEEN BSS unveil official group photos for new album "SECOND WIND"

SEVENTEEN's special unit BSS (Seungkwan, DK, Hoshi) released the official group photos for their new album "SECOND WIND" on January 24.

In group photos, BSS has the tight expressions with sneakers tied together or tied up with a rope, raising questions about the concept of "SECOND WIND."

The name of BSS's first single "SECOND WIND" means "second breathing" or "new vitality" that allows you to continue the work that made you tired. It refers to a time or change in which you feel the "dead point" of physical pain due to intense exercise, and feel the "most thrilling moment" as the pain decreases, and rather become more motivated to continue exercising.

Meanwhile, BSS will release the second version of the official photos for their first single album "SECOND WIND" from January 25 to 28. And the new album will be released on February 6.