tvN planning "Earth Arcade" season 2 with same cast members

On January 10, tvN said, "We are planning 'Earth Arcade' season 2. The composition of the cast members remains the same."

tvN also added, "The location, filming date, and broadcast date have not been decided yet."

"Earth Arcade" is a variety show with the concept of four warriors who have gathered to catch the moon rabbit that has fled to Earth and carry out hybrid multiverse actions across time and space.

"Earth Arcade" season 1, co-directed by PDs Na Young-suk and Park Hyun-yong, ended in September last year with a hot response.

"Earth Arcade" season 2, which is expected to air this year, will also feature comedian Lee Eun-ji, rapper Lee Young-ji, Oh My Girl's Mimi and IVE's An Yu-jin.