YG new girl group BABYMONSTER releases the first member Haram's live performance video.

The first member's performance video of YG's next-generation new girl group BABYMONSTER has been released.

YG Entertainment posted a video of "BABYMONSTER - HARAM (Live Performence)" on its official blog on January 12. Haram, the first member of the trainees to be unveiled, covered Mario's "Let Me Love You."

In the video, Haram filled the space with soulful tones on the calm piano melody without a fancy stage device, and showed off unbelievable emotions and vocal skills at the age of 15.

It is the first time in more than seven years that YG has launched a new girl group. Expectations are high on what kind of charm BABYMONSTER have and how they will hit the music market in 2023.