YG reveals BABYMONSTER's third member CHIQUITA

YG Entertainment unveiled new performance video "BABYMONSTER (#3) - CHIQUITA (Live Performance)" on its official blog on January 23.

Chiquita, who presented her solo stage following Haram and Ahyeon, perfectly reinterpreted JJ Lin's "Bedroom (Feat. Anne-Marie)" with her own color.

Chiquita is 13 years old and is the youngest trainee ever released. Chiquita from Thailand drew attention as past dance cover videos spread rapidly online after the announcement of the launch of BABYMONSTER. Through YG's official content, she even showed outstanding vocal skills, proving her "all-rounder" aspect.

BABYMONSTER is a multinational new girl group launched by YG about seven years after BLACKPINK, and consists mostly of teenagers. YG's executive producer Yang Hyun-suk appeared in three and a half years, announcing BABYMONSTER's debut personally. The number of subscribers to BABYMONSTER's official YouTube channel exceeded 600,000 and the combined views also quickly surpassed 60 million.