Jang Na-ra reveals photos on wedding day

Jang Na-ra married in Bonelli Garden, Seoul, on June 26. Jang Nara's wedding was held behind closed doors, with only parents and acquaintances from both families invited.

Park Kyung-rim, one of Jang Na-ra's best friend, hosted the wedding. Jang Na-ra appeared by holding the hand of her father, actor Joo Ho-sung. She weared an elegant ball gown wedding dress and shiny tiara on her head.

First, singer and actor Jung Yong-hwa, who worked together with Jang Na-ra in "Sell Your Haunted House", sang "Love Light" as a wedding song. The second song was "You Were Born To Be Loved" sang by Jang Na-ra's best friends Park Kyung-rim and Lee Soo-young.

Jang Na-ra said, "Thank you so much for giving me love and support. I will live happily as a good wife at home and a sincere actor at work."