Choo Sarang and Yanoshiho to travel in Korea in "The Return of Superman"

"The Return Of Superman" Choo Sarang and Yanoshiho will visit Korea for the first time in four years.

The 443rd episode of KBS 2TV's "The Return of Superman" will air at 10pm on August 19 KST. In this episode, Sarang and Yanoshiho will go on a summer vacation trip in Korea after a long time.

Choo Sarang appeared in the first pilot episode of "The Return Of Superman" in 2013 and got the love of the entire nation for about four years until 2016. Lovely Sarang is back as a 12-year-old adolescent girl and will make viewers' hearts flutter again.

Before the broadcast, "The Return Of Superman" unveiled some still cuts. In the photo Sarang and mother Yanoshiho 's bright side were captured. Sarang, who became a shy 12-year-old girl from a baby, shows off lovely charm. And she's still cute and playful. It will make viewers fall into memories.