Hwang Min-hyun featured in the October issue of Arena Homme+ Korea

Actor Hwang Min-hyun, who has been an ambassador for the fashion brand "MONCLER" for four consecutive years, created a dreamy atmosphere by perfectly digesting the brand's limited edition down jacket, which marks its 70th anniversary this year.

In the interview, he expressed his feelings about the recently ended drama "Alchemy of Souls" part 1 and expectations for the sequel "Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow".

He talked about his first impression of the script for "Alchemy of Souls Part 1", "It was a content that I had never seen or imagined. I read it without a break. After reading it, my mind became clear."

About the season 2, he said, "The short trailer seems to have raised viewers' curiosity. The second episode will develop faster so that you can watch it in one sitting."

Hwang Min-hyun said why he challenged himself to become an actor, "I thought it was acting to create an atmosphere, sing, and dance to the song within three minutes on the stage. How about going a little further and expressing it as another person? The process of thinking and trying to become a different person for a long time seemed great and cool."

Hwang Min-hyun's photo shoot and interview can be found in October issue of fashion magazine Arena Homme Plus.