Lee Soo-geun, Kyuhyun, Han Bo-reum, Guillaume Patry and WJSN Soobin to appear on "Black Box Review"

JTBC's new variety show "Han Moon-chul's Black Box Review" unveiled a lineup of 5 cast members to work with lawyer Han Moon-chul on September 6. The cast members are comedian Lee Soo-geun, Super Junior Kyuhyun, actress Han Bo-reum, TV personality Guillaume Patry and WJSN Soobin.

"Han Moon-chul's Black Box Review" is the first transportation variety show in Korea that introduces extraordinary black box videos led by lawyer Han Moon-chul.

In "Han Moon-chul's Black Box Review", you can see the black box containing traffic accidents and accidents on the road beyond imagination, the discussion of cast members with various driving experiences, also can experience the dizzying situations that can happen while driving, and learn how to prevent and deal with accidents.

Meanwhile, "Han Moon-chul's Black Box Review" is receiving reports of black box videos from viewers. It will be broadcast for the first time in September.