Kim Eana, Hanhae, and Hur Young-ji to host new dating show "Pet Me Pick Me"

SBS's "Pet Me Pick Me," which will air on October 21, will reveal the special meeting for the first time in a dating reality show.

"Pet Me Pick Me" is a new concept dating reality program where women who come to find love with cute dogs and men who need to capture not only women's hearts but also dogs stay together to find a partner of fate.

It depicts the story of women who came to find love with their dogs, and the fiery charm battle between four men who must be liked by cute dogs first. And the sweet journey will show warm communication between humans and animals.

Lyricist Kim Eana, rapper Hanhae, KARA's Hur Young-ji, and veterinarian Seol Chae-hyun have confirmed their appearances as MCs. They will play a role in analyzing the love psychology of young men and women and the dogs' signals, and create synergy with a sense of immersion.