Yoon Soy signs with EL Park

Actress Yoon Soy (Yoon So-yi) signed an exclusive contract with EL park. On October 4 EL Park said, "We are glad to work with Yoon Soy. In the future, we will do our best to support Yoon Soy's activities. Please show a lot of interest and support."

Yoon Soy, who debuted as a model for a fashion magazine in 2001, is an actress who encompasses all genres such as romance and action. She has built the trust of viewers by perfectly playing various characters in each drama, including the drama "A warrior, Baek Dong-Su," "Iris 2," "The Last Empress," and the movie "Arahan Jangpung Daejakjeon," "Shadowless Sword," and "The Lost Choices."

Yoon Soy also acted passionately in the drama "Becoming Witch," which recently ended. EL Park is a management company that includes Kang Ji-young, Ryu Soo-young, Oh Ji-Ho, Park Han-byul.