Jang Sung-kyu and Lee Mal-nyeon to appear on new science show "Apocalypse"

Discovery Channel Korea will launch Korea's first end-of-the-world science fiction variety "Apocalypse: Earth Defense Force of Chaos."

"Apocalypse" is a program that analyzes the end-of-the-world scenarios warned by futurists. It uses visual effects (VFX) technology to reproduce the end-of-the-world situations such as asteroid collisions, nuclear war, viruses, and climate crises.

TV personality Jang Sung-kyu, webtoon writer and YouTuber Lee Mal-nyeon, science YouTuber Orbit, and weathercaster Kim Ga-young will appear.

In each episode, Korean representative scholars will appear as guests.

"Apocalypse" will be aired for the first time on November 28.